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We all live in a globalized world and especially us, the “rich” countries benefit more and more from the poorer and above all developing countries. Dumping wages, hardly any workers’ rights, yes tw. not even the most basic human rights and ruthless exploitation are in many cases the basis of our prosperity. Let’s give something back together and help people in these countries to lead a dignified life. That’s what we’re doing with HELPVETICA!

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You can’t help everyone, says the narrow-minded man, and doesn’t help anyone.

- Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach -


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What good is money if not to make the world a better place?

- Elizabeth Taylor -


A small excerpt of what we stand for and will use your donations.

Helping people help themselves

Education, especially for women, is an indicator of progress and development. We promote women’s education in developing countries, also with the background that women are not forced into prostitution.

Rescuing child brides from illegal marriages

Child marriages are still normal in many places, even today in the 21st century. Mostly for economic reasons, because families either don’t have any money, or they get money by selling their underage daughter. Here we work together with authorities who bring these child brides to safety and ensure that they receive an education and future opportunities.

Supporting abused women

Women are often sexually coerced by their male superiors to get relief, not to lose the job, or even to get the job in the first place. We provide legal assistance so that the perpetrators are caught and the women are compensated.

Suppression v. genital mutilation

Unfortunately, genital mutilation, i.e. the ritual removal of the female clitoris as a transition to adulthood or in preparation for marriage, is still common among many ethnic groups and ethnic groups in Africa today in the 21st century. We fight against it, even tougher.

Our main focus is Africa, why ?

In due course, when we have grown also thanks to your help, we will devote ourselves to worldwide aid projects. But as long as our budget is limited, we will first turn to the continent that needs our help the most.

Latin America, Asia and Africa were colonized and exploited by European states for centuries. While in Latin America and Asia the states were able to grow and consolidate themselves and establish stable legal systems after gaining independence, in many places on the African continent devastating, partly feudalistic conditions still prevail. Absolute patriarchy, violence, corruption, inadequate legal security, religious constraints and undemocratic structures dominate everyday life in most African countries.

Another major problem is the population explosion in Africa, which is unfortunately accompanied by a very high infant mortality rate. Contraceptives are not or rarely used for various reasons. The majority of men reject contraception, women usually cannot afford the pill and reject abortions strictly, often for religious reasons. Often the women do not know how the child will be nourished and raised later.

Lastly, it is again Africa that has the most people infected with HIV. Poverty and patent laws make access to life-sustaining drugs difficult for the African population.

It becomes pretty clear that if you want to help, you actually have almost only one option and help at least a few people in the beleaguered Africa as well as possible. One can hardly imagine the suffering associated with these crises…at least until one has been there and seen it with one’s own eyes.

We can’t change all that with “HELPVETICA” just like that, but we want to contribute to it slowly changing itself from the inside. And this is exactly where we start with our projects.
Education and safety from abuse, forced marriage and female genital mutilation in Africa, access to fresh water and to medicines is our contribution to success.

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Population development world

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More statistics can be found at Statista

Infant mortality world

Statistic: Average infant mortality¹ by world region from 1990 to 2021 (deaths per 1,000 live births) | Statista
More statistics can be found at Statista

“May I be able to help all beings.”
We should keep thinking this.

- Dalai Lama -

Spiritual head of Buddhism

HIV infections world

Orphans due to AIDS

In fact, you shouldn’t feel sorry for someone at all, it’s better to help them.

- Maksim Gorki -


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In the world it depends above all on the helpers – and on the helpers of the helpers.

- Albert Schweitzer -

Physician, theologian, musician and cultural philosopher

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It is easier for us to turn people away in need than to show them the way to a decent life.

- Walter Ludin -

Swiss journalist, editor and author

African child bride (12y)

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We cannot do great things – only small ones, but those with great love.
- Mother Teresa -

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate