Genital mutilation, the cutting off of the female clitoris with unhygienic cutting tools, carried out – under unimaginable agony of the often still underage victims, by unqualified, self-proclaimed “shamans” and other quacks – to describe this atrocity once quite clearly – still exists today in the 21st century in many countries of this world, so also in Kenya, mostly among primitive peoples like the Maasai.

Some facts about:
Worldwide, about 200 million women are affected ! That is as many as Germany, France and Italy have inhabitants together !
Genital mutilation has been banned in Kenya since 2011, yet approximately 21% of all Kenyan women between 15 and 49 have become victims of this cruel and dirty ritual. The number of illiterates in southwestern Kenya is 50-60%, and poverty is 80%. Lack of education is one reason why this horrible “custom” has persisted for so long.

More and more young girls flee from this ritual, simply run away from home.

Unfortunately, these girls then often end up in little better hands, are forced into prostitution or criminal acts, or then simply grow up in poverty on the streets.

And this is exactly where HELPVETICA wants to start and set up contact points for these girls in the respective areas, where they are looked after and their education is taken care of. Again, we will be working with Josephine Nyaboke Mairura (CSO) and the TSC.

Please support us also for this project with your generous donations !